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Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak) - 200 Gms View larger

Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak) - 200 Gms


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Rock Salt has been used in Indian and Asian kitchens for centuries for greater health. This rock salt has lot of trace minerals like, Iodine, Magnesium, manganese,calcium, chloride, iron, phosphorus, zinc, boron, potassium and sodium. All these are needed by our body for its maintenance.

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Rock Salt ( Sendha Namak )

There are various salts available depending on textures, nutritional value, taste, flavours and diet. One such of them is the rock salt or sendha namak. It is also known as pink rock salt (due to it being light pink in colour). This is the purest form of salt available which is free from any chemical compounds and any sort of pollutants. It contains the highest amount of important mineral contents, which are not found in the food contents. Includes about 82 of the main elements which include calcium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, iron, bromine, potassium, selenium, zirconium as well.

Now let us look at the various benefits of this wonderful salt

  •          Maintains blood pressure

     Since it has contents of potassium present in it, it helps to regulate and maintain stability of the pressure of blood.

  •          Promotes digestion

     It works great for digestion, get rid of any sort of stomach pain, gastric issues, enhance appetite.

  •          Cures various problems

     It is known to heal various issues like arthritis, rheumatic problem, herpes and inflammation.

  •          Increase immunity and metabolism

     This salt with the minerals it inhibits helps to greatly boost the metabolism of the body. It also improves the immunity level and maintains the respiratory, nervous and circulatory system.

  •          Lose weight

Do you crave lot of sugar? Don’t worry, rock salt is here to do the job. This salt reacts in such a way that it reduces all the craving you have. Which further helps to remove the fat cells and result in weight loss.

  •          Treats stress

     Consuming a tablespoon of this salt with water can help alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body and mind.

  •          Whitening of teeth

     It also acts a mouth freshener, whitening of teeth, and get rid of sour throat (gargling).

  •          Sinus issues

     The steam taken by adding this salt to water can help get rid of various breathing problems, cough, throat infection.

  •          Enhances and protects skin

     This salt treats the cells which are dead, cleanses it and protects the skin.

  •          Bathing scrub

     These are used as bath salts which help exfoliate and cleanse the skin pores deeply. It helps to improve skin circulation and relax the muscles. This further gives you a good sleep.

  •          Hair care

     Applying this to your hair during shampoo can get rid of the dirt present and also enhance the volume of your hair.

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